Ordering lunch out? We’ve all been there. Schedules get busy, meetings happen, and you even run low on groceries. But ordering lunch out as a constant routine can get unhealthy and expensive. So how do you avoid the boring lunches of leftovers and sandwiches?

               Well, one solution promises color, interest, and a filling midday meal—the bento box meal. A bento box is an invention that has lots of divided sections, which then encourages you to fill those sections with a variety of foods.

               Of course, if you’ve spent any time on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the really complex, really beautiful bento boxes. Those are photo worthy, but the idea of a bento box is no less practical, especially when it comes to lunch. Plus, there are a variety of types of bento boxes that can help you adapt your preferred lunchtime routine. What do those look like? This graphic explains it.

Healthy Bento Box Lunch Box Ideas