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Oregon Restaurants The Fast Review On The Road Eats

Chef Greg Reilly takes you along for a ride through Oregon to find the best eats! Join him on his journey through the Beaver State to discover crazy good food!

F.A.S.T. Restaurant Reviews Best Restaurants Nearby

On The Road Eats your one stop shop for Recipes, Cooking Shows, Restaurant Reviews and Cooking Tips. You won’t find a better authority on food than a Chef! Finger Lickin’ Good Recipes…Easy, Original, Family and from other Chefs. Recipes that you can cook at home and are super easy with easy how to instructions and video. Cooking Shows…from Chef Reilly’s own kitchen to restaurants and homes all over the world. Kitchen Tips…helpful tips for the Home Chef in all of us. The F.A.S.T. Review With all the choices out there, Chef Reilly will help you find places that will make your dining experiences unforgettable!

The first criteria when looking for a place to eat is the FOOD! What are you hungry for and does the Restaurant have enough alternatives for friends and family? Apps, Salads, Soups, Good Wine List, specials, happy hour menu etc.


Voodoo Doughnut Best Portland Restaurants Reviews


Voodoo Doghnut Best Portland Restaurants Reviews - This is the ONLY Doughnut Shop you want to go to in Portland, OR! Yes I know Touristy, but Open 24 Hours so go late or Super Early like the locals! Yep Doughnuts and not your Every Day Doughnuts  - Voodoo Doughnuts are Donuts on Steroids! Never [...]

Voodoo Doughnut Best Portland Restaurants Reviews2018-07-14T11:24:52-07:00


McMenamins Hillsboro


McMenamins Hillsboro We have been all over Oregon and LOVE checking out all the different McMenamins Restaurants. They offer an eclectic mix of pubs, historic hotels, movie theaters, concert venues, spas, events and just pure fun!! […]

McMenamins Hillsboro2017-02-01T09:31:46-07:00

Thai Dish Portland Oregon


Thai Dish Portland Oregon   Looking for the Best Thai in Portland? Thai Dish is the place you want to try and you tell me how good it is! But wait…we’re not done yet! Click here to see what else Chef Reilly recommends and to see the FAST review score. […]

Thai Dish Portland Oregon2017-02-01T09:32:42-07:00


Hale’s Restaurant Hillsboro


Hale’s Restaurant Hillsboro     Looking for a GOOD breakfast in Hillsboro? Oh Hale’s Yes. Finding a GOOD breakfast restaurant in Hillsboro was a challenge. But as usual, Found it! But wait…we’re not done yet! Click here to see what else Chef Reilly recommends and to see the FAST review score. […]

Hale’s Restaurant Hillsboro2017-02-01T09:32:48-07:00


Ringside Steak House Portland


Ringside Steak House Portland   Steak, Steak, Steak! See, now you want steak! Could be one of the best Steak Houses in the country! Ringside Uptown opened up in 1944 and we should all thank them for doing so. This was a favorite of mine when I was living in Portland and a place you [...]

Ringside Steak House Portland2017-02-01T09:39:05-07:00


Mother’s Bistro Portland


Mother’s Bistro Looking for Mom’s cooking? Look no further if you are in Portland, Oregon- as I found it! This is in my old stomping ground, I graduated from Western Culinary Institute right down the street from Mother’s Bistro. I am not big on breakfast.  I know, I know:  that’s weird, so when [...]

Mother’s Bistro Portland2017-02-01T09:40:27-07:00