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It’s always a blast to try new food! Whether you’re eating at the newest restaurant in town or ordering your favorite dish from a place you know and love, you won’t find a better authority on food than a Chef.

With all the choices out there, Chef Reilly has put together The Fast Review with On The Road Eats to help you find the places that will make your dining experiences unforgettable! Aside from his experience as an Executive Chef, Greg Reilly has also traveled the world with his work as General Director of Maranatha Tours.

He is an inventor, a producer, and the star of his shows On The Road Eats, The F.A.S.T. Review, Traveling Through The Bible and Cooking Through The Lands of The Bible. A restauranteur and a father of two, Chef Reilly is ready to share his culinary expertise with the world. Join him as he discovers and recommends the best restaurants and food across the United States!

If you are looking for the best restaurant reviews, recipes, and cooking shows, contact On The Road Eats today!