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Greg “The Chef Reilly” was born in Michigan and moved to Arizona where he grew up Loving the Heat. He graduated from Western Culinary Institute in Portland, OR. Shortly after “Grinding His Way” through the culinary ranks, he made his dream come true and opened up his own restaurant.

He then had a calling from a “Higher Power” and joined the family business Maranatha Tours in the tourism industry that specializes in group Pilgrimages. He is the General Director of Maranatha Tours Inc., where he plays a key role in all aspects of the business.

Since traveling the world, Chef Reilly is now putting his “Culinary Prowess” together with his travel experience and created On The Road Eats. A show that incorporates an awesome combination of Original Recipes, Cooking Shows, Restaurant Reviews and much more.

He is an inventor, a producer, and the star of his other shows Traveling Through The Bible Show and Cooking Through The Bible.   You can also visit www.OTREproductions.com to view more on his other productions.

On The Road Eats brings you the best of restaurant dining reviews from across the United States and world! Chef Reilly puts his culinary knowledge to the test as he eats his way through the best roadside stops in the country. And from On The Road Eats came THE F.A.S.T. REVIEW! The Fast Review was born from the need to know what’s good and what’s not. Why stop in a restaurant if you aren’t 100% sure that you’re going to love it? Exactly! Never walk blindly into another bad restaurant again! Chef Greg Reilly does the work for you!! The Chef’s inventive 5 Spoon Review breaks down the features of each restaurant into the following categories: quality of the food, ambiance/aesthetic, staff service, and the taste of their food, all to bring your attention to the worthy eats in your area. Browse reviews by state or flip through the Recipes category to see some of the Chef’s personal dishes that you can make in your own home! The possibilities are endless here on www.TheFastReview.com!


The first criteria when looking for a place to eat is the FOOD! What are you hungry for and does the Restaurant have enough alternatives for friends and family? Apps, Salads, Soups, Good Wine List, specials, happy hour menu etc.


Third and really could be first as a past Restaurateur I always judge a place on service. Part of any restaurant experience is having FUN and being treated like you are welcomed. If a restaurant has GOOD SERVICE, you bet I go back again and again!


Second the Ambiance of the Restaurant! What mood, character and environment does the Restaurant have. Outside patio, full bar, family friendly, clean, fun, live music, great staff and management, trendy or historic just to name a few.


The last shall be first and the first shall be last! This is why we go our right? Well sometimes it’s just because we don’t want to cook. But this is usually the Key to any experience being a hit or miss (excluding the service). There are good steak restaurants and then there are GREAT steak restaurants.

It’s always a blast to try new food! Whether you’re eating at the newest restaurant in town or ordering your favorite dish from a place you know and love, you won’t find a better authority on food than a Chef. With all the choices out there, Chef Reilly has put together The Fast Review with On The Road Eats to help you find the places that will make your dining experiences unforgettable! As a restauranteur and self proclaimed Foodie, Chef Reilly is ready to share his culinary expertise with the world. Join him as he discovers and recommends the best restaurants and food across the United States! If you are looking for the best restaurant reviews, recipes, and cooking shows, contact On The Road Eats today!

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About Chef Greg Reilly On The Road Eats The F.A.S.T. Review


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­About Chef Greg Reilly – You won’t find a better authority on food than a Chef! Chef Greg Reilly has put together On The Road Eats, a one stop for all your culinary interests. Finger Lickin’ Good Recipes…Easy, Original, Family and from other Chefs. Recipes that you can cook at home and are super easy with easy how to instructions and video. Cooking Shows…from Chef Reilly’s own kitchen to restaurants and homes all over the world. The F.A.S.T. Review With all the choices out there, Chef Reilly will help you find places that will make your dining experiences unforgettable!

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